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HOW TO GET TO THE LUSHILLSAfter reaching the address (32-566 Regulice, Grzmi─ůczka 20), please turn left into the stone road leading straight to the LushHills. (see photo)Parking is available before the Lush Hills entrance gate. Please do not drive your car through the gate! JACUZZI┬á

  • Using a Jacuzzi? remember to pay a fee for every day of using the jacuzzi – pay it on lushhills.eu/jacuzzi
  • Please read the Instructions on lushhills.eu/jacuzzi_info (you can change the website language)



  • Glasses and other accessories can be found in the cabinets built into the stairs
  • To unlock the induction hob, hold down the On button (for a long time)
  • The sound system works great when connected to Bluetooth
  • The TV should automatically connect to the network and the Netflix account
  • Please do not wear shoes around the house


  • WIFI Password: ABN6AYLLA7J
  • Netflix:┬á ┬á+48 730 941 026┬á ┬áPassword: Bbcb5227!
  • If the wifi signal is weak, or there are problems with the Internet, please unplug the router from the power supply for about 1-5 minutes and turn it on again



  • The jacuzzi is heated by a stove next to it. It is enough to fire inside with dry, nearby fine wood.
  • You will find fire starters inside the Tiny House (about 1/3 of the plate should be enough)
  • There is a chance that the water will be slightly „hazy” – This is the effect of the dissolving water disinfectant tablets
  • The jacuzzi is equipped with massage jets and lighting that can be turned on after connecting the jacuzzi to electricity. (two small control buttons on the side of the jacuzzi)
  • It is not necessary, but if you want to be sure that the water heats up, just put your hand in the tub and carefully point it towards the hole from which the water heated by the stove comes out. (Be Careful! The water at the outlet can be very hot!)
  • For the water to heat up faster, it is recommended to leave the jacuzzi covered
  • After a while, you still do not feel hot water, press the rubber hose connected to the stove with your hand. This will help to vent the outlet.
  • To keep the water clean, you need to cover the jacuzzi again after bathing. From time to time, it is advisable to turn on the filter (next to the stove) and let it run when using the jacuzzi